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    Excerpt from a documentary on the film “Collateral Murder,” aired by the television station Al Jazeera English in 2010.

    Assange later told Frontline and CBS News after Pfc. Brad Manning was arrested that Wikileaks would have no way of identifying its source:

    “Our technology means we don’t know who is submitting us materials,” Assange told Katie Couric in a segment aired by CBS News on December 18, 2010. “But the name Bradley Manning was first heard by us when we read an article about his arrest in Wired magazine.”

    Assange also told the Frontline Club: “We don’t keep records of who our sources are, because it’s very difficult with modern communication spying to keep anything secret over the long term, extremely difficult when dealing with organizations that do not follow the rule of law like the NSA — so instead, our sort of modus operandi is when we receive material is to never know who it’s come from precisely.” - http://goo.gl/jvmsD

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