1. This history-making tweet is two years old today. Context: Abbottabad resident Tweets raid on bin Laden compound.

  2. Just a gorgeous shot of the Kart-e Sakhi mosque in Kabul by Anja Niedringhaus for the AP, via The Atlantic’s In Focus blog.


  3. Amazing video from inside a NATO F/A-18 over Afghanistan. The story itself casts doubt on whether Afghan security forces will be able to maintain control of the country without much in the way of air support.

  4. Mustafa Kazemi (@combatjourno), Martin Kuz (@martinkuz) and Ahmad Mukhtar (@AhMukhtar) all live-tweeted the horrific, 11-hour-long Taliban attack on a hotel outside Kabul last night which left 20 dead. 

    Read the transcript of their tweets here

  5. Afghanistan: A Video Portrait. Absolutely beautiful. Work like this is why I’m addicted to Vimeo.