1. carsidontlike:

    The Chevy HHR. Now, god bless Chevy for their recent upswing after General Motors was rescued by the taxpayers, but if you’re looking for a reason that GM was tanking, look no further than designs like this.

    According to the Wikipedia page, the HHR was “inspired by mid-1940s Chevrolet cars,” which shows the sort of forward-looking ingenuity that was happening over at Chevy HQ in 2005. It’s also designed by the same guy that’s responsible for the P.T. Loser, and between the two, this dude should be forced to go back to designing go-karts and lego kits, and made to work his way back up to the big boy club. 

    Although, this custom model has got flames on it, which makes any car instantly cool. Beep Beep, Ladies. All aboard the flamemobile, next stop: Danger City! I hope you brought water, ‘cause it’s gonna be a hot ride.

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