1. Sunday at the ballpark. #nyr #nhl #hockey #nyc (at Yankee Stadium)

  2. This is the smartest hockey goal you’ll see all year. Flawless execution.

  3. Just hanging out with Lord Stanley’s Cup #nyc #nhl #hockey #becauseitsthecup (at Madison Square Park)

  4. nyrangershockey:

    Rangers clinch a playoff spot!!


  5. Not bad.


  6. "Brodeur, who has been the Devils’ starting goalie since 1993, the backbone of the team’s three successful Stanley Cup campaigns, is the exception to this tradition of brooding and eccentricity. He’s probably the most well adjusted, happiest-seeming person I have ever met, so normal that it’s a little eerie. Jokey and gregarious, he doesn’t even mind talking to the media, though like a lot of hockey players he speaks to the press in breathless run-on sentences, like someone dashing across thin ice, fearful that if he stops, he’ll fall through."
    — "How Come Martin Brodeur Is Still So Good?" NYTimes (Even as a Rangers fan, this made me a bit sad - he’s been the face of the enemy my whole life, and it’ll be a bummer to see him go, whenever that happens)

  7. Were I a Geometer, I would take issue with hockey announcers’ use of the word “corner.”

  8. Number of days until the National Hockey League resumes play: One. (I was gonna go with Giacomin, but decided on the pun instead, as I do).

  9. Days until the National Hockey League resumes play: Two.

  10. Number of days until the National Hockey League resumes play: Three.