1. The Blue Angels did three flybys past 1 World Trade Center earlier today. There aren’t many things that would get me to willingly go to Jersey, but this was one of them.

  2. I’ve been itching to go to Planeview Park, near LaGuardia Airport, for weeks. It’s not far from my place, and landing aircraft fly right over your head if they’re using Runway 4. 

  3. Northrop Grumman X-47B UAV Placed Onboard the USS Harry S. Truman, via @NYCAviation.


  4. "You, American Airlines, should no longer be flying across the Atlantic. You do not have the know-how. You do not have the equipment. And your employees have clearly lost interest in the endeavor. Like the country whose name graces the hulls of your flying ships, you are exhausted and shorn of purpose. You need to stop."
    — "A Trans-Atlantic Trip Turns Kafkaesque," NYTimes
  5. Nirvana.

  6. jacobsoboroff:

    WOW. I was just sent this photo taken by NASA’s Stephanie Stilson who this morning was aboard the C9 Pathfinder that few ahead of the 747 carrying the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

    Endeavour is headed to Los Angeles where it will be permanently displayed at the California Science Center. It’s spending the night in Houston tonight.

    Stephanie will join me later today on HuffPost Live to preview Endeavour’s Friday arrival in Los Angeles. You can leave questions for her and start the conversation now in our green room.

    I will never, ever stop being an aviation geek.

    (via huffingtonpost)


  7. Amazing video from inside a NATO F/A-18 over Afghanistan. The story itself casts doubt on whether Afghan security forces will be able to maintain control of the country without much in the way of air support.

  8. Ever wonder what happens when a plane gets hit by lightning? This (on the ground, anyway).

  9. Me, flying over Long Island, circa August 2007.