1. New photo-centric iPhone ad from Apple is cool, but I’m still not down with people who record concerts on their phones or tablets.


  2. Tumblr iOS App Update

    Woah: New Tumblr iOS app lets you share to Twitter or FB, save to Instapaper/Pocket.


  3. I Love Vine, But It Has 3 Problems

    Vine, the new app that lets you shoot six-second multi-scene videos, has potential for greatness. But it also has three notable problems:

    1. You can’t always shoot some tape, leave the app, then come back and shoot more tape on the same video. I’ve gotten this to work a few times, but mostly it fails miserably. Frustrating when you want to work on a long-term project, such as shooting scenes of your commute to work (which I unsuccessfully attempted last night and this morning).¬†
    2. You seemingly can’t share a video after you’ve initially created it. Bizzarre.
    3. No Tumblr support. I realize that the app was acquired by Twitter so there’s a business element at play here, but Vines are essentially improved .GIFs, which do remarkably well on Tumblr.
  4. Awoke to Google Maps on iOS. It’s gonna be a great day.

  5. An Indian trader worships an iPad during Diwali, Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images.


  6. The thing I miss most about Google Maps is favoriting a location on desktop to later pull it up on mobile.

  7. The new Facebook iOS app has in-app sharing, FINALLY.

  8. Got this alert about 15 minutes ago.


  9. "

    Mr. Phillips and Vlingo are among the thousands of executives and companies caught in a software patent system that federal judges, economists, policy makers and technology executives say is so flawed that it often stymies innovation.

    Alongside the impressive technological advances of the last two decades, they argue, a pall has descended: the marketplace for new ideas has been corrupted by software patents used as destructive weapons.

    — The Patent, Used as a Sword, NYTimes
  10. I’m not one for hero worship, but this is truly a great speech worth watching again today.