1. Eric Harroun, the 30-year-old American seen in the above video threatening Bashar al-Assad, has been arrested by U.S. authorities under weapons charges after fighting in Syria, allegedly alongside terrorism-linked groups.

    More here: “American Who Posted About Fighting in Syria Faces Weapons Charges,”¬†Mashable

  2. A tank opens fire on a cameraman in Syria’s Jouret Shiyah neighborhood. He¬†barely even flinches.

  3. producermatthew:

    Shortly after adding The Associated Press as a collaborator on the newly-released Syria Files this morning, the website Wikileaks removed the AP as a collaborator for reasons unknown.

    (Source: matthewkeys)


  4. WikiLeaks has begun releasing 2.4 emails from Syria — the “Syria Files” — many of which it claims were written by government and business sources.