1. "This Def Leppard cover band totally sucks, guys." 

    [AFP Photo]


  2. Today, in Not The Onion: Joe Biden has a new podcast series called “Being Biden.”

    More: “Listen Up, Folks: Joe Biden Starts a ‘Being Biden’ Podcast,” Mashable


  3. image

    GIF of the day, thanks to @ChristErickson. It came from Biden’s Google Hangout/”Fireside Hangout” on gun control, about which you can read more here: Watch Joe Biden’s Google Hangout on Gun Control.

  4. Joe Biden thinks #SpaceJump was total malarkey.

    (Make your own on Upworthy)

  5. huffingtonpost:

    Great splash, Politics team. 


  6. Facebook “buzz” about Joe Biden up 4,609%, Paul Ryan’s up 1,240%, via Facebook/CNN.

  7. Top related search terms during the Vice Presidential debate, via Google.

  8. P90X Paul Ryan v. Onion Joe Biden (Source: @AntDeRosa)

  9. Drudge front page on the morning of the VP debate.

  10. Biden: “The President has a big stick.”