1. European Parliament, after voting down ACTA

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  4. Google’s latest Transparency Report is out. My reporting is here, check out the data for yourself here.

    Most interesting bit: Google took down hundreds of YouTube videos after U.K. police alleged they promoted terrorism.

    Most hilarious bit: Google refused to take down a YouTube video of a Canadian peeing on his passport and flushing it down the toilet, per a Canadian request. Working on finding that video now, because reasons.


  5. "The thing is, those proposals have absolutely no chance of gaining the kind of consensus that is required for an international treaty. The USA several other countries are pushing back against these efforts, making them a non-starter. Last week, the US Congress even passed a provision lambasting efforts to give the ITU regulatory authority over the Internet."
    — "No, the UN is Not Trying to Control Your Internet," commentary from UN watcher Mark Leon Goldberg.

    (Source: undispatch.com)