1. "Facebook has not completely dropped its support for the controversial and recently reintroduced Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), but the company is approaching the bill cautiously this time as CISPA once again navigates the legislative process."
    — "Facebook Goes Lukewarm Toward CISPA," Mashable

  2. "The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Information Act, more commonly known as CISPA, will be reintroduced to the House of Representatives Wednesday, its authors announced Monday."
    — "CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Is Coming Back Wednesday," Mashable
  3. Lawrence Lessig on “After SOPA: What’s Next?” at Mashable Connect.

    (Source: Mashable)


  4. The Anti-CISPA Movement Finally Takes Off

    Opposition to CISPA has exploded over the past 36 hours. While some privacy groups and concerned citizens had been trying to sound the alarms for weeks and months, it took passage in the House to really set the spark of protest. Petitions are popping up online, Reddit is taking notice, the White House issued a veto threat and companies such as Microsoft are withdrawing their support.

    For the anti-CISPA folks, the timing is almost perfect. The bill was always destined to pass the House: it had more than 100 co-sponsors before most of the bill’s current naysayers started taking notice. However, the Senate’s much less friendly to CISPA. Privacy groups are, rightfully so, betting they can amend the bill to be less onerous in the upper chamber of Congress.

    The Senate’s not likely to agree to a cybersecurity bill that:

    1. Sacrifices privacy for security
    2. Doesn’t include government-set standards for vital infrastructure
    3. Would likely be vetoed by the president

    As it stands, CISPA would hit all of those.

  5. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas.) has come out against CISPA in this week’s episode of his weekly audio address.

    My favorite part of this? Dr. Paul’s got a hotline you can dial to hear his latest address. 888-322-1414. Was 1-800-ENDS-FED taken?

    Call Dr. Paul, that’s my name, that name again is Dr. Paul.