1. "After a year-long experiment that saw its Facebook “social reading” app gain more than six million monthly users — and then lose more than half of those after the network changed the way those apps work — the Guardian has decided to take back control of its content."

  2. "

    Google launched a service on Thursday it hopes will push millions of people in the developing world to access the Internet - and Google’s ads - via basic mobile phones.

    Google is launching the service, called Free Zone, first in the Philippines via local carrier Globe Telecom. The service allows phones with an Internet connection but limited functionality to access basic Google products like search, email and its social networking service Google+ for free.

    — Google reaches out to the “next billion,” Reuters

    (Source: reuters.com)



  4. The White House wants third-party developers to build web and mobile apps with its data and APIs.

  5. "Africa’s hopeful economies," from The Economist. Shows percentage change of GDP from 2007-2011.

  6. A Liter of Light: Soda bottles used to light homes

    (Source: youtube.com)