1. "This episode shows whose problems Washington takes seriously. The FAA debacle is bad for the whole economy, but it particularly hurts people who fly a lot, who tend to be affluent. Members of Congress themselves also happen to fly a lot. As a result, we’ve gone from problem onset to legislative solution in about five days."
    — "Airport Fight Shows Who Washington Works For," Josh Barro for Bloomberg 
  2. Airport tower advises pilots of shutdown due to “inability of our elected officials to do their job”


  3. Amazing video from inside a NATO F/A-18 over Afghanistan. The story itself casts doubt on whether Afghan security forces will be able to maintain control of the country without much in the way of air support.

  4. Ever wonder what happens when a plane gets hit by lightning? This (on the ground, anyway).

  5. Me, flying over Long Island, circa August 2007.