1. PSA from your friends at Mashable: Don’t Be a Glasshole.


  2. "Gary G. Howell, a Republican member of the West Virginia legislature, has introduced a bill that would amend a state law forbidding texting-while-driving to also prohibit “using a wearable computer with head mounted display.” That language is aimed pretty much right at Google Glass."

    "Google Glass Could Be Subject to Texting-While-Driving Laws," Mashable

    It’s not hard, though, to see Google Glass-style tech providing an “enhanced driving” safety-boosting experience sometime in the future.

  3. Word up, Wil Wheaton.

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  5. "White House Deletes Google Reader Petition," Mashable.

    To summarize: Death Stars get a response, RSS readers do not.

    (Photo via Pete Souza/White House)


  6. RIP Google Reader

    Google is killing off Google Reader, and this makes me sad.


  7. The terms of Google’s Street View settlement have finally been announced.

  8. thisistheverge:

    I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates

    The frosted-glass doors on the 11th floor of Google’s NYC headquarters part and a woman steps forward to greet me. This is an otherwise normal specimen of humanity. Normal height, slender build; her eyes are bright, inquisitive. She leans in to shake my hand and at that moment I become acutely aware of the device she’s wearing in the place you would expect eyeglasses: a thin strip of aluminum and plastic with a strange, prismatic lens just below her brow. Google Glass.

    What was a total oddity a year ago, and little more than an experiment just 18 months ago is now starting to look like a real product. One that could be in the hands (or on the heads, rather) of consumers by the end of this year. A completely new kind of computing device; wearable, designed to reduce distraction, created to allow you to capture and communicate in a way that is supposed to feel completely natural to the wearer. It’s the anti-smartphone, explicitly fashioned to blow apart our notions of how we interact with technology.

    But as I release from that handshake and study the bizarre device resting on my greeter’s brow, my mind begins to fixate on a single question: who would want to wear this thing in public?

    Shut up and take my money.

    But seriously: The most in-depth review of Google Glass we’ve seen yet, and in beautiful longform with video and photos. The color attachments I haven’t seen before, and make me think I wouldn’t look like a *total* dork wearing these things.

  9. Here’s what it’s like to wear Google Glass. New video from Google.


  10. "A long time ago, my colleagues and I became part of a great adventure, teamed with a small band of scientists and technologists in the U.S. and elsewhere. For me, it began in 1969, when the potential of packet switching communication was operationally tested in the grand ARPANET experiment by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)."
    — Vint Cerf, “father of the Internet,” marks the Internet’s 30th birthday.

    (Source: googleblog.blogspot.com)