1. "This Def Leppard cover band totally sucks, guys." 

    [AFP Photo]


  2. Today, in Not The Onion: Joe Biden has a new podcast series called “Being Biden.”

    More: “Listen Up, Folks: Joe Biden Starts a ‘Being Biden’ Podcast,” Mashable


  3. image

    GIF of the day, thanks to @ChristErickson. It came from Biden’s Google Hangout/”Fireside Hangout” on gun control, about which you can read more here: Watch Joe Biden’s Google Hangout on Gun Control.

  4. gifhound:

    This is how Joe Biden greets babies.

    Biden bein’ Biden.

  5. Joe Biden thinks #SpaceJump was total malarkey.

    (Make your own on Upworthy)

  6. Facebook “buzz” about Joe Biden up 4,609%, Paul Ryan’s up 1,240%, via Facebook/CNN.

  7. P90X Paul Ryan v. Onion Joe Biden (Source: @AntDeRosa)

  8. Centre College, home of the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, has 50 student “Twitter ambassadors,” who will be wearing these shirts during the event.

    Two of them you can follow right now: @acruss13 and @CJDonald14. They’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #CentreVPDebate.

  9. Biden: “The President has a big stick.”