1. I love my job because of reasons.

    (Source: TIME)


  2. My latest for TIME: Smartphones are increasingly being used as an access point for people who don’t have a home broadband connection, per Pew’s latest data.


  3. My friends over at Circa have built one of my very favorite iPhone apps for reading and following the news. They’re now looking for Android users to sign up for a beta, so if you’re of the Android persuasion please do get on that.


  4. The New York Times switched to publishing timely stories on Facebook while its website suffered a prolonged outage Wednesday. BuzzFeed and Gawker similarly used Tumblr last year when its main sites were taken offline by Hurricane Sandy-related damage. In all cases, the outlets used Twitter to point readers to the backup platform of choice.

    The lesson here: News outlets can use social channels as a backup in times of crisis. 

    Edit: As my friend Brian Fung points out at WaPo, moving to social channels comes at a steep financial cost — so it’s best to get those servers up and running ASAP.

  5. correspondentscorrespondence:

    Major Garrett checking correspondence.  Also on the Vinnnnyahhhhd


    Courtesy: JGarcia (Twitter: @GarciaJon)

    New favorite Tumblr.


  6. My take on why Lavabit decided to shut down.

  7. timemagazine:

    This week’s issue of TIME looks at what’s next for Egypt’s turbulent revolution. Find it on newsstands Friday.

    Read a preview of the cover story.

    (Photo: Yuri Kozyrev-Noor for TIME) 

    Good opportunity to post some personal news: After 1.5 years, tomorrow will be my last day at Mashable. Starting Monday, I’ll be Homepage Editor for TIME. Very excited to join such an amazing outlet.


  8. “Everyone knows I’m an asshole,” he said. “The point is that they’re assholes.”


  9. granthindsley:

    Quick post, I’ll elaborate later, but I’m in my first week at The Denver Post, and yesterday I was sent out to shoot the first-ever evacuations within city limits of Colorado Springs.

    The Hubbard Family was nice enough to allow me into their home as they evacuated from a voluntary evacuation…

    Absolutely chilling.

  10. guardian:

    Edward Snowden: ‘I do not expect to see home again’ The whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations speaks out.

    The Guardian’s print cover for Monday.