1. PSA from your friends at Mashable: Don’t Be a Glasshole.

  2. "This Def Leppard cover band totally sucks, guys." 

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  4. Today in meaningless correlations… (via Jared Keller)

  5. "The Daily Show" investigates investigative reporting. This takes a turn for the absolutely awesome at approx. 4:00.

  6. Took a walk around Times Square after lunch today. I’ve got a feeling it was this visitor’s first time there.

  7. corybe:

    Breaking News blog:

    Twitter revealed this week that it uses Mechanical Turk — a crowdsourced pool of people — as an innovative way to help identify and classify search queries as soon as they’re trending. For example, the Mechanical Turks could associate the phrase “Big Bird” with a Presidential debate….

    Wait, “Mechanical Turks?”

  8. This got me. Happy Christmas, y’all!

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