1. Awoke to Google Maps on iOS. It’s gonna be a great day.


  2. The thing I miss most about Google Maps is favoriting a location on desktop to later pull it up on mobile.

  3. The beauty that is the #peters #projection #maps #world #map #cartography (at Peace Corps)

  4. wnyc:

    The subway comes back, in GIF. 


    Since Sandy left town, we’ve been downloading MTA subway-recovery maps to feed WNYC’s Changing Trains map. Our Steve Melendez put them together in a time-lapse GIF. Click through to the full-size image.


  5. What’s it like to trek the Grand Canyon for Google Maps? Find out.

  6. Mainly nice people.

  7. theatlantic:

    Mapping Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage

    According to the rule books, same-sex marriage is mostly unacceptable in the U.S. But that’s not the case when looking at the opinions of the American people. According to anew set of maps from Esri, same-sex marriage is popular in large swaths of the country.

    The maps break support for same-sex marriage down by county. Green and yellow dots represent counties where people support same-sex marriage, while orange and red dots represent places where people do not. As you can see, there’s no consensus across the country.

    Read more. [Image: Esri]

  8. Map of embassy/consolate protests around the world, right now, via @GinaAHarkins

  9. So it turns out that the Internet does kinda look like a series of tubes.

    (From “What the Internet actually looks like, The Atlantic)

  10. Map of Pirate Attacks Near Somalia.

    Source: Reddit.