1. refusecomfort:

    Binder full of women. Ya we went there.

    Politics meme costume of 2012.
  2. This “Binders Full of Women” Facebook page already has 266,000 likes.

  3. ethanklapper:




  4. Photos from #ForAll Initiative from Obama Campaign


    The Obama campaign asked supporters to write a word on their hand that describes “what progress means,” take a photo of it, and tag with hashtag #forall.

    Below are some photos from the #ForAll initiative:


    ↑ Photos by @barackobama


    ↑ Photos by @lparks86 and @sammicitron


    ↑ Photos by @briaandchrissy and @plehal


    ↑ Photos by @ebbruns and @maderoseline

    more photos…

    Anyone else find this meme just a wee bit creepy?

  5. I’m a wee bit proud of this one.

  6. My contribution to the newest Obama meme.

  8. I don’t always violate international norms, but when I do…