1. Central Park. 



  2. Friday jams.

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  3. "I have only two emotions, careful fear and dead devotion."

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  4. This is great - setting Twitter’s seventh anniversary video to music from Inception makes it feel like Twitter is hell-bent on taking over the world.


  5. "For years, the music industry’s decline looked terminal, with the record companies seemingly unable to come up with digital business models that could compete with the lure of online piracy. Last year, however, digital sales and other new sources of revenue grew significantly enough to offset the continuing decline in CD sales."

    "Music Industry Sales Rise, and Digital Revenue Gets the Credit," The New York Times

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the entertainment industry to argue that fighting piracy is the key to salvation - providing simple and affordable digital access, instead, will be the way forward.

  6. Miles Davis improvising on LCD Soundsystem.



  7. This new Grizzly Bear record is very, very good.

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  9. For music I am a fan of, here’s Japandroids latest. 

    Interesting note: They are neither from Japan nor androids.

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  10. Been jamming out to the new Santigold album all week. Top-notch.

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