1. whitehouse:

    President Obama just took off from the South Lawn of the White House.

    He’s headed to Mexico and Costa Rica to reinforce the deep cultural, familial, and economic ties that so many Americans share with Mexico and Central America.

    Marine One ludicrous speed, GO!

  2. Obama at last night’s 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


  3. "President Barack Obama on Tuesday unveiled an intrepid plan to develop tools that can better map the human brain, furthering scientists’ understanding of how it works and how it can be healed when damaged. The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies initiative, or BRAIN, will begin with a $100 million investment in Obama’s 2014 budget."
    — "Obama Unveils Bold Plan to Map the Human Brain," Mashable
  4. "White House Deletes Google Reader Petition," Mashable.

    To summarize: Death Stars get a response, RSS readers do not.

    (Photo via Pete Souza/White House)

  5. So the White House made this today. More: “White House Totally Owns Obama’s ‘Jedi Mind Meld’ Mistake,” Mashable

  6. Obama’s new official portrait. (Credit Pete Souza/The White House)


  7. "

    When President Barack Obama signed Congress’ fiscal cliff deal into law Wednesday evening, he was on vacation in Hawaii, approximately 4800 miles from Washington, D.C.

    How did he manage the feat? By using what’s called an “autopen” — a nifty piece of technology that copies a user’s pen strokes, stores them in memory and later replicates them without the user being present. The above video shows a “Ghostwriter” model autopen, which is used by many government officials and celebrities but is not confirmed to be the exact model used by Obama.


  8. "

    If I’m not spying on private citizens through the security cam in the parking garage, I’m probably sifting through their garbage for discarded pages from their diaries or deploying billions of spambots to crack into their e-mail. Reading what others muse about my profession is the opposite of my middle-school experience: people with only superficial information about me make a bunch of assumptions to fill in what’s missing and decide that I’m an all-knowing super-genius.

    Sadly for me, this is a bunch of malarkey.

    — "I Am Not Big Brother," op-ed by Obama for America data director Ethan Roeder.
  9. Behind the scenes of Barack Obama’s Twitter Q&A

  10. President Obama tearing up thanking his staff for their hard work. No matter where on the spectrum you lie, an emotional and authentic moment from a politician is nice to see.