1. Tourists admire Bryant Park’s mighty lawn.

  2. Outside Credit Suisse.

  3. An Indian trader worships an iPad during Diwali, Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images.

  4. Mitt and Paul’s new Facebook cover photo. How many people are going to try and find “Mitt Today” on their ballot?

  5. Chelsea Clinton wished her parents a happy anniversary on Twitter just now.

  6. Here’s what happens when you use iPhone panorama mode on a moving train:

  7. shortformblog:


    Tarmac melts, causing flight cancellations at USA’s capital airport, Reagan National, Washington DC. This demonstrates the need for climate adaptation of America’s (rather embarrassing) infrastructure.

    Via NYC Aviation FB.

    Yes, those are sunken-in wheels. Holy wow.

  8. theatlantic:

    In Focus: The Terrifying, ‘Epic’ Wildfire in Colorado

    Colorado Springs Fire Chief Rich Brown described the blaze as “a fire of epic proportions,” as tens of thousands of Colorado residents and tourists have been evacuated ahead of the growing, potentially disastrous Waldo Canyon fire. This fire joins several others across the state, including the High Park fire, which has consumed nearly 90,000 acres since June 9. While no reports of deaths or injuries have surfaced, hundreds of homes have been destroyed, with many more threatened. Fire crews are doing their best to contain the fires and save what homes they can, as authorities urged residents to flee affected areas.

    See more. [AP, Reuters, Colorado National Guard]

    My heart goes out to (hell, it never really left) Colorado.