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  2. timelightbox:

    Photo by Yuri Kozyrev—NOOR for TIME

    A decade has passed since the United States invaded Iraq. To mark the anniversary, we asked 55 photographers to share their images made in Iraq that moved them the most.

    “I was in Baghdad with a hundred journalists during “Shock and Awe.” When the operation began on March 21st, the prospect of dropping thousands bombs and missiles was frightening for everyone on the ground. On the first night, in spite of the thunderous explosions not far from the hotel the journalists were staying in, we observed that the weapons were destroying the targets with accuracy. After a week of bombings, it was amazing to witness the Iraqis’ remarkable resilience. Most people continued with their daily lives as bombs continued to fall around them. And of course there were airstrikes where many Iraqi civilians were killed. We were being watched by minders all the time, who gave us access to the events they thought were news: civilians affected by the bombing or a press conference at the Ministry of Information. We were not allowed to go anywhere near the military or the Republican Guard. They wanted us to report their side of the story — we couldn’t just get into the taxi and travel around. It was late afternoon when my colleague, Sergey Loiko of the Los Angeles Times, our minder and I entered one of the oldest cemeteries in Baghdad. We didn’t expect to see people there but there were some families who had brought the bodies of their relatives killed by airstrikes. A worker told us he had been busy all day long.” — Yuri Kozyrev

    This entire gallery is hauntingly beautiful and almost made me late for work this morning.

  3. One of the first Instagram photos uploaded via North Korea’s new 3G mobile Internet, from the AP’s Jean Lee

    For more: “Instagrams Flow as North Korea Activates New Mobile Internet,” Mashable.


  4. "I am not a professional photographer, nor even a particularly talented amateur. It’s a waste of time trying to lecture anyone on why they should take “better” photographs. Nonetheless, it is worth asking: What is the point of taking pictures? And what, if anything, is being lost in the culture of fast photography?"

  5. "Alas, Mr. Conrad, 62, never achieved his goal of being a cowboy. He did eventually become a New York Times staff photographer. The two are often confused."
    — Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Newspaper Photographers, NYTimes Lens Blog
  6. Side-by-side comparison of Instagram’s B&W filters. New one, Willow, on the left.


  7. Instagram Photos Not Appearing on Twitter

    Instagram photos aren’t displaying properly on Twitter. It could be a bug, it could be another escalation of the ongoing spat between the two companies that’s been going on more or less since Facebook bought Instagram.

    If it’s a conscious and permanent decision by one of the two companies, it’s disappointing. End users just want the two apps to play nicely together. 

    Update: A Facebook rep confirmed to AllThingsD that yes, Instagram disabled support for Twitter cards.

  8. Frames from this weekend - Central Park, Brooklyn Flea and Queensboro Plaza.

  9. Tumblr just rolled out a new app, called Photoset, for creating and sharing photosets “even if you’re not using Tumblr.”

  10. Paul Ryan once visited Facebook HQ and met The Zuck. More info: http://on.mash.to/No11gc

    (Photo credit: Steve Maller)