1. A Professional Note

    As a friend of Matthew Keys, I will be tweeting and posting stories about his case without comment. I will not be reporting or commenting upon the case in any fashion.


  2. "

    Google launched a service on Thursday it hopes will push millions of people in the developing world to access the Internet - and Google’s ads - via basic mobile phones.

    Google is launching the service, called Free Zone, first in the Philippines via local carrier Globe Telecom. The service allows phones with an Internet connection but limited functionality to access basic Google products like search, email and its social networking service Google+ for free.

    — Google reaches out to the “next billion,” Reuters

    (Source: reuters.com)


  3. "Iran plans to switch its citizens onto a domestic Internet network in what officials say is a bid to improve cyber security but which many Iranians fear is the latest way to control their access to the web."
    — Iran readies domestic Internet system, blocks Google, Reuters
  4. reuters:

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Reuters has developed an exclusive partnership with Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation studio responsible for their viral interpretations of various large news events.

    Our partnership will allow Reuters to deliver approximately 20 animated news stories every week produced by NMA that help reconstruct the story behind the main news events of the week while complementing the award-winning video, picture and text content produced by Reuters.

    More on our partnership with NMA is available in our press release here.

    The guys behind the hilarious Taiwanese animations are partnering with Reuters to do journalism animation. 


  5. Moments like this are why God gave us Twitter



    Schooling the board

    The shouty wire!