1. Ball game. #baseball #sports #syracuse (at NBT Bank Stadium)

  2. Afternoon ping-pong at Bryant Park. 


  3. I’ve been cooped up writing more than photographing this month - here’s my latest for TIME, a quick guide to watching Olympic curling.

  4. Squash tournament at Grand Central Terminal.

  5. Softball in Central Park.

  6. Softball in Central Park (this was a hit).

  7. Pétanque at Bryant Park. A French game often played in teams, the object is to throw metal balls (“boules”) as close as possible to a smaller wooden ball.

  8. Spotted in the Time-Life building: Muhammad Ali’s gloves. #sports #boxing #thegreatest #nyc (at Time Life)

  9. Table tennis pros duke it out in Bryant Park.

  10. This is the smartest hockey goal you’ll see all year. Flawless execution.