1. "At the heart of the debate is an increasingly pressing question: Who is responsible for the Internet’s growing costs?"

  2. I sat down — sort of — with AOL founder Steve Case to discuss what the technology sector wants from comprehensive immigration reform.


  3. "

    A new bill making it legal to unlock your cellphone or other mobile device has arrived in the House of Representatives.

    The Unlocking Technology Act of 2013 would also make it legal to circumvent digital rights management (DRM) locks to use protected content in a way that doesn’t violate copyright law and to develop and sell cellphone unlocking software.

    — "New Bill Legalizing Cellphone Unlocking Introduced in House," Mashable

  4. "Facebook has not completely dropped its support for the controversial and recently reintroduced Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), but the company is approaching the bill cautiously this time as CISPA once again navigates the legislative process."
    — "Facebook Goes Lukewarm Toward CISPA," Mashable

  5. The major ISPs have a new anti-piracy system, but how they implement it is up to them.

    Worked on this most of the day, and very satisfied with how it turned out.


  6. An unprecedented debate over how the global Internet is governed is set to dominate a meeting of officials in Dubai next week, with many countries pushing to give a United Nations body broad regulatory powers even as the United States and others contend such a move could mean the end of the open Internet.


  7. For the first time in history, both major political parties have included Internet freedom in their official platforms.