1. This history-making tweet is two years old today. Context: Abbottabad resident Tweets raid on bin Laden compound.


  2. "The United States Embassy in Cairo’s Twitter account temporarily shut down Wednesday following a spat with an official account affiliated with Egypt President Mohamed Morsi over a Jon Stewart clip. The account, @USEmbassyCairo, disappeared for under an hour before reappearing sans the Stewart tweet."
    — "U.S. Embassy in Cairo Disables Twitter Page After Jon Stewart Tweet," Mashable
  3. This is great - setting Twitter’s seventh anniversary video to music from Inception makes it feel like Twitter is hell-bent on taking over the world.

  4. This has been the most ridiculous week.

  5. "No, This Is Not the New Pope’s Twitter Account," Mashable / Sam Laird

  6. matthewkeys:

    Also, he’s a superhero.

    It’s true, guys.

  7. When journalists argue about TweetDeck v. HootSuite:

  8. Pope Benedict XVI’s last tweet before retiring. For more: “Pope Benedict XVI Tweets Final Farewell to His Flock,” Mashable

  9. That thing when one of your favorite members of European Parliament tweets your article.


  10. I Love Vine, But It Has 3 Problems

    Vine, the new app that lets you shoot six-second multi-scene videos, has potential for greatness. But it also has three notable problems:

    1. You can’t always shoot some tape, leave the app, then come back and shoot more tape on the same video. I’ve gotten this to work a few times, but mostly it fails miserably. Frustrating when you want to work on a long-term project, such as shooting scenes of your commute to work (which I unsuccessfully attempted last night and this morning). 
    2. You seemingly can’t share a video after you’ve initially created it. Bizzarre.
    3. No Tumblr support. I realize that the app was acquired by Twitter so there’s a business element at play here, but Vines are essentially improved .GIFs, which do remarkably well on Tumblr.