1. First #Instagram video

  2. PSA from your friends at Mashable: Don’t Be a Glasshole.


  3. "In an important judicial victory for streaming television service Aereo, a federal appeals court on Monday rejected television broadcasters’ attempt to shut down the service while their lawsuit against the company is decided."
    — "Court Rejects Broadcasters’ Attempt to Shut Down Aereo," Mashable

  4. "

    Netflix users outside the United States have long enjoyed integration with Facebook that let them share their viewing history with friends, but American Netflix users are only just this week getting to enjoy the same social sharing features.

    Why did it take so long? You can blame Robert Bork, President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 nominee to the Supreme Court.

    — "Why You Couldn’t Share Your Nexflix History on Facebook Until Now," Mashable. I went long on what I think is the fascinating legal complexity of Netflix-Facebook auto-sharing.

    (Source: Why You Couldn't Share Your Nexflix History on Facebook Until Now)


  5. journalofajournalist:

    Happy Friday. This is the only link you need this weekend.


  6. Boarding a Metro-North train at Grand Central Terminal


  7. Mashable tech editor Pete Pachal asked me to expand my earlier post about Vine into a full-fledged Mashable post:

    Vine Has 4 Flaws Holding It Back From Greatness


  8. I Love Vine, But It Has 3 Problems

    Vine, the new app that lets you shoot six-second multi-scene videos, has potential for greatness. But it also has three notable problems:

    1. You can’t always shoot some tape, leave the app, then come back and shoot more tape on the same video. I’ve gotten this to work a few times, but mostly it fails miserably. Frustrating when you want to work on a long-term project, such as shooting scenes of your commute to work (which I unsuccessfully attempted last night and this morning). 
    2. You seemingly can’t share a video after you’ve initially created it. Bizzarre.
    3. No Tumblr support. I realize that the app was acquired by Twitter so there’s a business element at play here, but Vines are essentially improved .GIFs, which do remarkably well on Tumblr.
  9. Photographer Gordon Buchanan endures 45-minute attempt by a polar bear to break through his protective glass cage. More here.


  10. I’ll be updating this Storify curation throughout the day.