1. firenationsherry said: Hi Alex! I'm a recent college grad looking for opportunities in PR. It's my passion and I love your helpful posts! After having some experience with a few internships, I've discovered finding a career is tough. Do you have any advice for a "fresh out of college" job seeker?

    The problem of the “perpetual intern” is very real. Here’s my three-step solution:

    1) Work very, very hard and be good and *passionate* about what you do.
    2) Meet and develop relationships with people who can help advance your career.
    3) Be in the right place at the right time.

    It’s a little bit of luck - #3 certainly applied to me - but luck comes to those who make it. If you’re at the right place at the right time but you haven’t done steps one or two, you’re going to miss out on an opportunity you might otherwise have been able to enjoy.

  2. thefluffingtonpost:

    Canine Coders Pull All-Nighter to Hack New App

    In the fast-paced world of tech startups, you’ve got to be lean, fast and willing to write code for 24-hours straight.

    That’s what the pups over at BarkMe did Thursday night. The dog-owned mobile development company, based in New York City, held an internal hack-a-thon to generate prototypes for products they hope will disrupt the mobile marketplace in 2013.

    “I think they really hit on something last night,” says Jamie Jenson, the startup’s PR rep. “It’s tentatively called ScentKeeper, and it’s a location-based social network for dogs, where users mark the spot they’ve peed on a map, and others can discover pee spots nearby. It really has the potential to save pups a lot of time sniffing out their friends’ pee. “

    The app piggybacks on the infrastructure of Google Maps and popular checkin service Foursquare to deliver location results to dogs who share a social link. BarkMe hopes to release a beta version for iOS devices this spring.

    Submitted by Lauren Drell.

    I know and love all these dogs.


  3. If you’re at the tail end of vacation time and you’re itching to get back into the newsroom, is that a sign that:

    A. You love your job
    B. You’re a workaholic
    C. You’re a loser

    ? Please advise.

  4. How I feel jumping into a new work week.


  5. "When I studied people who love what they do for a living, I found that in most cases their passion developed slowly, often over unexpected and complicated paths. It’s rare, for example, to find someone who loves their career before they’ve become very good at it — expertise generates many different engaging traits, such as respect, impact, autonomy — and the process of becoming good can be frustrating and take years."