1. PSA from your friends at Mashable: Don’t Be a Glasshole.

  2. WATCH: Kid President meets Actual President.

    It’s just a little dusty in here guys, honest.

  3. President Obama tearing up thanking his staff for their hard work. No matter where on the spectrum you lie, an emotional and authentic moment from a politician is nice to see.

  4. Muslims protest anti-Islam film clip outside Google’s London offices, via The Telegraph.

    (Source: telegraph.co.uk)

  5. Jim Lehrer: Badass Moderator

  6. Think you have First World Problems? Think again.

  7. My Brand! (This was a really hearty giggle on a slow Sunday morning)


  8. My look of Paul Ryan’s online/social presence.

  9. A tank opens fire on a cameraman in Syria’s Jouret Shiyah neighborhood. He barely even flinches.

  10. Google’s latest Transparency Report is out. My reporting is here, check out the data for yourself here.

    Most interesting bit: Google took down hundreds of YouTube videos after U.K. police alleged they promoted terrorism.

    Most hilarious bit: Google refused to take down a YouTube video of a Canadian peeing on his passport and flushing it down the toilet, per a Canadian request. Working on finding that video now, because reasons.